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Wallis 17.6.-17.7.20

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

After intensive moving work (what do we store, what can someone use and what is disposed of) and the caught up farewell party at Swiss we go to Ernen in a nice 2 room vacation apartment for a month.

Here we come to rest a bit and enjoy every day with more or less activities.

Here our highlights:

Ibex Safari on the Nufenen Pass

Here should be seen in the evening up to 50 ibex. After all, we have seen marmots, a chamois and 3 ibexes ... better than nothing.

Val d’Hérens

The Pyramides d'Euseigne in the Lower Valais are worth a visit.

We continue to Evolène for lunch at 'Au Vieux Mazot' where everything is prepared directly on the wood fire (obviously the restaurant is quite famous: it has already been visited by 2 TV stations).

Evolène Dorfstrasse, Restaurant 'Au Vieux Mazot'

To digest, we visit the Grand Dixence dam (where retired FOPH chief Daniel Koch is giving an interview to French-speaking Switzerland TV).

Hike Lauchneralp – Fafleralp

Beautiful hike in the unfamiliar Lötschental through flower meadows, forests and past the Schwarzsee, always with a magnificent mountain scenery in the eye where one imagines in Canada (but there we go hopefully in a few months).


By bike or by post bus to Binn. Shortly before Binn you don't go through the tunnel, but walk on the old road and look at the 'Twingi Art' art objects and admire the beautiful valley.

Binn itself is a pretty little Valais village from where you can continue to hike over the Smuggler Pass to Italy. But we didn't do that because we had nothing to smuggle. Every Monday there is an interesting village tour with exciting stories from earlier times, how the inhabitants knew how to help themselves in winter when the valley could not be left in case of avalanche danger.

Binn, Dorfzentrum mit der Brücke im römischen Stil

Eggishorn and the UNESCO World Heritage Aletsch Glacier

Aletschgletscher, Sicht vom Eggishorn

Unbelievably large, unbelievably beautiful: a magnificent panorama of the winding upper part of the large glacier is offered by the Eggishorn, which can be reached by cable car from Fiesch.

Val d'Annivier

A rather long drive from Sierre via the pretty ski and hiking resort of Grimentz to Lac de Moiry from where (with some hiking) you have a spectacular view of the Moiry glacier.

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