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about us

Tom & Ursula, retired early after an exciting professional life and many previous vacation trips  in all parts of the world.


For the first years we planned the extended Panamericana, i.e. from Alaska to Patagonia and up to Brazil.


The apartment was emptied and rented out, the car bought in February (in Seattle, USA) and equipped so that we could start The Tour at the end of May 2020 in Vancouver - and then the CoVid19 virus striked and forced us to a plan B ...  a detour so to speak.

For two years we took the opportunity to explore Switzerland and other destinations (as far as possible) and gained valuable experience during these trips.


Since May 2022 we have been on the road on the Panamericana and are happy to share the our most beautiful moments with you on this website DieToUr and look forward to seeing you again at the next opportunity. 

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