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Seattle to Vancouver 4.5.-26.5.22

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Finally we are on our way! We spend the first days in Seattle and Everett, where we stock up with various things that have found no place in the luggage on the plane.

But the most important thing is to pick up our car, the Toyota 4Runner, which has been waiting for us in Everett for two years. We christen our car Cheetah, because it has the same sad look as the cheetahs in Africa.

After a joint dinner in Seattle with a former Swissair colleague, who has just arrived from a cruise in Miami, we set off for Olympic National Park. The drive around the island takes us through forests, lonely landscapes and past the coast.

There are countless opportunities for hiking in Olympic NP. We visit Ruby Beach, where at low tide the seascape can be marveled at. Unfortunately we are not there at the right time, but nevertheless the beach with the alluvial wood is very impressive and definitely worth a visit.

We stay for two nights in Port Angeles, which is a good starting point to drive into the mountains to Hurrican Ridge and marvel at the snowy mountain scenery.

On the way back we make a short detour to Madison Falls and from there a walk to the next bridge, which was simply washed away some time ago.

With the ferry we now go to Vancouver Island to Victoria.

We explore the old town including Chinatown with the narrowest alley 'Far Tan Alley',

the Fisherman's Warf with the small colored houses

and enjoy an afternoon in the very well maintained and beautifully landscaped Beacon Hill Park.

Absolutely brilliant food at a reasonable price can be had at Finn's Seafood, Chops and Cocktails.

The next days we spend near Campbell River in a small chalet directly at the sea with passing ships and with some luck whales can be observed. We drive into Strathcona Provincal Park on lonely roads with beautiful views of the various lakes. On the way we do a short hike to Elk Falls and at the very end of the park to Lower Myra Falls.

Campbell River is known for the Discovery Pier where the fishermen catch the passing salmon. During our visit it is quiet, either we have caught the wrong season or the fishermen have caught enough for today.

In the evening we go to the beach for the so-called 'beach combing', that is: let's see what the sea has washed up.

The next stop is Tofino in the west of the island, just above the Pacific Rim National Park. On the way there, it's worth planning a few stops.

The Englishman River Falls where a wall of water disappears into a crevice, the Little Qualicum Falls and an enchanted path through the rainforest of Cathedral Grove and the many lakes.

We move into our little cottage in Tofino with a fantastic view of the water and the mountains.

The next day we go on a bear tour (with bear guarantee) on an open speedboat, thickly wrapped, through a dreamlike fjord landscape. We see 10 black bears, which come to the beach at low tide and look for crabs and mussels (delicious). The bears are not disturbed by us and we drive to the beach to observe the animals up close.

On the way back we drive to a small island with seals and end this hammer tour with a fast return trip.

A short walk in Ucluelet on the Lighthouse Trail with magnificent views of the coast perfectly rounds off this unique day.

In Pacific Rim National Park we decide to do two hikes:

The Rainforest Trail, a constructed boardwalk through the beautiful rainforest.

And the South Beach Trail, along the coast to South Beach where there are countless shells on the rocks. The Lighthouse Trail from yesterday was much more spectacular.

We take the ferry to Vancouver, our starting point for the one-week cruise to Anchorage.

Here is a first impression of the city of Vancouver, which we will visit again during two weeks after the cruise.

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