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Romanshorn 03.07.-27.07.21

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

To bring some variety into our nomadic life, we decide to do the boat exam on Lake Constance. We find an instructor who has free capacity from mid-August. That means we first cram the theory and register for the theory exam. It is not so easy, it is about rules on the inland and border waters, signals, knots, anchors, signs, lights etc.

We move into a nice business apartment in the newly renovated Kornhaus in Romanshorn, right next to the harbor and train station. It is ingeniously located and offers direct connections by ferry to Friedrichshafen, to excursion ships or by train to Konstanz, Zurich, St. Gallen or Rorschach.

Our goal is to circumnavigate Lake Constance in sections by e-bike. The first part leads us via ferry to Friedrichshafen, on to the pretty town of Lindau, past idyllic swimming spots to Bregenz, and back via Rorschach to Romanshorn. The route is about 80 km long and we feel our backsides more and more on the last kilometers.

The second part we start again in Friedrichshafen, this time we go in the other direction to the pretty wine town of Meersburg. There we take the ferry to Konstanz where you can always find shopping and good restaurants. The last stretch goes via Kreuzlingen, with a stop at the Badhüsli with a very recommendable cuisine just before Kesswil, back to Romanshorn.

The third tour takes us from Konstanz (in 20 minutes by fast train) around the Untersee with a detour to the island of Reichenau. The most beautiful section starts in Radolfszell and leads along the lake to the touristy Stein am Rhein with beautiful houses. After a lunch stop we continue on the Swiss side to Gottlieben where the high water spills over the shore. There we break off (for the love of all) after 90 km and take the train back to Romanshorn.

The fourth and last leg starts again in Constance, this time around the Überlingersee to Meersburg and with the ferry back to Constance. A stop is definitely worthwhile in flower-filled Überlingen with its many restaurants and in Unteruhldingen to visit the ancient pile dwellings.

Enough cycling, we do two beautiful hikes in the Alpstein area. We have renounced some absolute highlights, because the rush of visitors during the summer holidays is huge.

The 3-hour hike from Wasserauen goes steadily and increasingly steeply up through the forest to a high plateau and from there gently down to the beautifully situated Seealpsee. The way back to Wasserauen is on the narrow, but quite steeply sloping tarred road.

Because it's so close, we visit the picturesque town of Appenzell and treat ourselves to an apple strudel.

On another 3-hour hike we enjoy the area around Gais. We decide for the 'favorite places' of the Geiss Laura, which leads us from Gais to the Sommersberg, past the Gäbrisseeli to the Gäbris.

There are two nice, well-equipped barbecue areas where Thomas skillfully lights a fire and grills us cervelats. Back we go with a beautiful view of the Säntis to the village square of Gais.

Now it's on to Wallis for 2 weeks and then we come back to Romanshorn for the practical boating lessons.

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