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Grisons/Eastern Switzerland 17.7.-8.8.20

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

For the next 3 weeks we're going via Vals and Davos to Eastern Switzerland to enjoy the high summer at the Rhine and Lake Constance.

But everything in order:

Our first stop is the Thermenhotel 7132 in Vals. From the outside, the building is rather conservative, but inside, the rooms have been renovated partially in a very puristic, futuristic way: a real highlight in a small space.

We like the spa enormously, very modern and straight: but look at the photos.

Of course, "Bünderland" not only stands for wellness, we have also made some beautiful hikes, which are recommended:

Vals from Gadastatt mountain station over a flowery high moor to the Zerveila reservoir.

Very varied hike in Davos from Jakobshorn via Stadlersee to Sertig-Dörfli. Attention: it goes down about 650 meters in altitude (so nothing for knee problems). In Sertig-Dörfli it is worth making a reservation in the only pub.

After Davos we are drawn to the warmth, away from the mountains with strenuous hikes, to the water and sweet idleness. In Schaffhausen we enjoy the high summer and Thomas feels at home.

Here's Thomas' insider tip: from the 'Bachdelle' public swimming pool in Dachsen, you can take a bathing boat into the Rhine Falls basin, marvel at the masses of water, jump out of the boat and swim back to the pool for half an hour. That is pure water fun!

Afterwards we reside for 2 weeks in Hörhausen at the Gutshof Gündelhart in a huge apartment surrounded by a beautiful park.

Here we enjoy swimming, cycling and visiting relatives in the area.

We have visited the following recommended bathing places: Strandbad Steckborn with lake access via jetty or ladder. Nice little old bathing place in Steinach with relatively few people and very good food. The bathing places at the Hüttwiler and Nussbaumersee lakes are idyllically located in the nature reserve.

Constance, the beautifully located city on Lake Constance has a very pretty old town and is the shopping paradise of the Swiss (even we could not hold back 😊).

Recommendation for a romantic dinner in a small, cozy lakeside restaurant in Ermatingen:

Finally, we enjoy a fun and wet Weidling trip with our airline friends on the Rhine with BBQ in the Scharen. Many thanks Peter!

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