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Grisons 07.05.-05.06.21

After entering Switzerland without any problems, we spend the first weeks with relatives and acquaintances in the cantons of Thurgau, Bern and Valais. Thomas is called up for the Covid vaccination exactly on his 65th birthday. Unfortunately, I am still a little too young to be called up, so we decide to stay in Switzerland a little longer until we are both vaccinated.

We spend May and the beginning of June in Trin Mulin near Flims. There we enjoy some nice hikes, weather permitting. Because winter just won't say goodbye, we have to postpone planned excursions at altitude until a next stay.

Our most beautiful excursions:

There are several ways to hike the Rhine Gorge:

- Park the car at the Versam-Safien station and take the train to Ilanz (or Castrisch) and hike back. The most scenic part is just before Versam. On the way back, it is worth making a detour into the Safiental valley.

- From Trin Mulin or Conn down into the gorge and on through the nature reserve to Versam-Safien.

Lakes Cresta and Cauma lie enchanted in the forest and invite you to linger and swim. There are many hiking trails to explore these blue-green waters. For the less athletic, there is even a free lift down to Lake Cauma.

Near Lake Cauma, don't miss the view point of the Rhine Gorge from 'Il Spir' at Conn.

Bad Ragaz and the Tamina Gorge

In Bad Ragaz there is an open-air sculpture exhibition every three years which has become famous all over the world. It is really fun to stroll through the spa and look for art.

From Bad Ragaz, the hiking trail leads into the Tamina Gorge. After a good hour, you reach the Old Bath Pfäfers (return trip is also possible with the gorge bus) where you buy a ticket and visit the grotto with its hot spring water. In the evening it is said to be particularly beautiful when the grotto is colourfully illuminated. You can return the same way, or (like us) take the path to Pfäfers via a good 400 m ascent out of the gorge. From there it's down to Bad Ragaz. Caution: the path over the Wartenstein ruins through the forest is very steep indeed.

It goes up from Fidaz to Bargis and there is a beautiful one-hour walk on the plateau of Bargis. On the way back to Fidaz, it is worthwhile to walk via the ruins of Belmont with its magnificent view.

Relaxed hike always past the impressive Flimserstein from Flims via Fidaz to Foppa where you can take the chairlift back to Flims. There is also a simple Italian restaurant (Casa Berendi) with culinary delights by the Foppa cable car.

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