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Equador adventure trip

December 18 - January 2019

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After the language trip we spend a few days in the Amazon basin, 1 week in the Galapagos Islands and three days in the cloud forest on the western flank of the Andes before we continue our trip from Quito to the Dominican Republic.



After an emotional farewell to our schoolmates, we leave early and fly via Quito for 3 nights to the Amazon region where we celebrate the New Year. The great lodge is situated 2 hours down the river by motorboat at a black moor lake. By motorboat, canoe and on foot we make many exciting excursions mostly around the lodge before we fly back to Quito.


We treat ourselves to a whole week of cruising on a small ship with just under 20 passengers, cruising from island to island, doing many shore excursions and sometimes going snorkeling. The landscape and the animal encounters are spectacular,  the landings and walks across the volcanic islands adventurous.

Mountain cloud forest


The last highlight is 2 nights in the luxurious Mashpi Lodge at an altitude of 1,000 m, where we can already communicate quite well in Spanish with the rangers. These lead us over winding muddy paths, through water and through the air, through the wild, steep forest landscape and to refuges for butterflies and hummingbirds

After these 6 weeks in Equador, our Spanish - although still deficient in grammar and vocabulary - is sufficient to get us by and we are ready for our independent tour of the Dominican Republic.

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